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The Secret Ingredient You Need for Stronger Motivation 
By Darya Rose, from MyFitnessPal

I hear it all the time.Whether it’s a friend who is struggling to lose weight or someone I overhear talking in line for coffee, there’s always a hint of desperation in his or her voice: “I know what to do to lose weight, I just need to do it. I need to get more motivated.”There is a grain of truth to this statement. If you can find the right source of motivation, you’d shock yourself with the things you could accomplish.
But if you’re even thinking this way in the first place, you probably already know how important it is to eat well and stay active. You are motivated.In fact, you might even be motivated enough to sign up with a personal trainer, or pay a nutritionist to overhaul your diet.So why is it still so hard to follow through on these commitments? Often the problem is not your level of motivation, but a counterproductive mindset that undermines it.
When you think of building motivation, you probably think about rewards and punishments. Carrots and sticks. And when it comes to health, you might think that too many carrots (or carrot cake?) is exactly your problem.The logical conclusion then, is that you need more discipline. This is why you’re inclined to pay someone to torture you in bootcamp. If you can’t force your own butt to go out in the cold and run stadiums at 6 a.m., maybe Meathead Mike can make you.

Real Food Tips: 20 Ways to do
Halloween Without Candy!
By Lisa Leake -

Creative alternatives for trick-or-treaters...

1. Packs of mini play dough containers

2. A mix of inexpensive Halloween-themed toys from a place like Michael’s, Oriental Trading, Target or Wal-Mart (pictured)

3. Miniature bottles of water or all natural juice boxes (love this idea because we are always thirsty when we’re out and about trick-or-treating)

4. Spooky collection of Halloween “frights” like plastic eyeballs, rubbery rats, and fake fingers

5. Light-up glow sticks, which can usually be found in a pack of 15 at Michael’s or Target for only $1 (that’s what we’re going to give out this year!)

6. Halloween pencils and mini activity books or pads of paper

7. Toothbrushes (big kids might turn their noses up to this, but my children happen to think new toothbrushes are fun)

8. Mini Lara Bars and/or packs of raisins

9. Inexpensive little books from thrift stores, garage sales, or the dollar store

10. “Birthday landfill” as one facebook fan called it, which is basically a collection of all the little gizmos and gadgets from party favor bags throughout the year

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