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Strive for progress,
not perfection
Why sitting is bad for you
Presented by Murat Dalkilinç
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TV Muscle Toning
For each type of commercial, do a different exercise. You''ll be feeling the burn by the time your favorite show comes back on!
1. Food/Beverage - Jumping jacks
2. Car - Jog in place
3. Movie/TV preview - Crunches
4. Clothing - Squats 
5. Any other type - Burpees
Get Moving: Staying Active Later in Life Boosts Healthy Aging
Article from the U.S. News

Staying active later in life can help older adults both physically and mentally, a new study finds.

Maintaining or even starting a regular regimen of physical activity later in life could increase your chances of healthy aging, both physically and mentally, by up to seven times as much as those who remain inactive, according to new research from an international group of researchers.
In a study released Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a team of researchers from the University College London and the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre found that regular physical activity had a positive effect on older adults' likelihood of developing long-term health conditions, depression, dementia, and the likelihood of healthy aging, which also incorporates mental health and cognitive abilities.
"In a growing elderly population, healthy ageing is becoming a crucial factor to reduce the burden of disease and disability and related healthcare costs," the study says. "Emerging evidence suggests that regular physical activity is among the most important lifestyle factors for maintenance of good health at older ages."
Be happy. Be healthe.
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